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    Jeevan Rego
    May 26, 2022

    I had TR Lawing for my rental for the first several months and selected them because they were the largest in Charlotte. Big mistake, they absolutely mismanaged my property and I fired them. I then found APM and worked with Bradley McDaniel and his team, and found them responsive, professional and on top of things, even though they have a busy portfolio. I recommend them and am happy to have them manage my rental in Charlotte, they found me good tenants and took good care of my unit. Thank you

    Brittany Ingram
    December 30, 2021

    Rented from this management company for three years and every year they got worse and worse. They were hustling us to sign the lease before we ever even saw the property, and when they went to give us keys they couldn't find them (found out later that day it was because the keys for buildings that weren't move-in ready were kept in a separate place). They ignored maintenance requests multiple times, including one I had to submit three times where we could smell the walls rotting inside and hear water leaking from the pipes, but they dismissed it because we couldn't see any water damage. Despite the building being non-smoking they consistently rented to smokers. Toward the end of the three years they "lost" work orders, sent my calls to voicemail, and gave less than 24 hours notice for unscheduled maintenance work. Legitimately found out the day that ownership switched over that they transferred the management of our property to another company. Can't say it's bad news with the way things were being handled. Incredibly unprofessional.

    Aleena Acevedo
    October 21, 2021

    Unfortunately, I would NOT recommend this rental company. The house I rented had tons of issues resulting in many maintenance requests and needs. I rented through APM for 3 years, and all 3 years were full of problems with both the house and lack of response from APM. The team at the office do not communicate well with one another, leading to much confusion and overall aggravation. They also do not make the best “middle man” for tenants and home owners. I was also charged over $300 for “damages” that came from poor maintenance repairs! Not only was $300+ deducted from my security deposit, it also took them over 60 days to get that to me. Not to mention, they sent the first check to an address I did not provide (I also confirmed the correct address on multiple emails and phone calls, but it was still sent to the wrong address). Overall, it was not a good experience - save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

    Mikaela and Jaxson vlogs Daily
    July 18, 2021

    I would never rent from this company again. They are unresponsive to problems, and it took almost 3 months to get my deposit back , not too mention. Making a single mom with two kids move out during a pandemic and refusing to give me 2 more weeks so they could finish out their school year. When I was asked to move out I was told because the owner wanted to sell. I was interested in buying possibly but they acted super shady about even though I was a great tenant. Never paid late, never complained no issues in the 2 years I was there. The only thing I ever asked is for them to get the tree that fell on the house off and fix the fence that was falling down. They never fixed either.

    Tyler Jackson
    July 12, 2021

    Would not ever lease with this company again. The property was never much of an issue, felt that maintenance was a little slow the two times I had issues in the apartment with flooding due to the pipes not being securely fastened for the washer which drained into the same pipes as the sink. Again as a whole the property wasn’t much of an issue. My problem comes in with the leasing office. Leading up to moving out, I was told that I owed prorated rent due to giving my 60 day notice late, WHICH WAS FINE I understood at that time. The week before I moved out, called again to confirm the amount. The day I was going to turn in my keys, spoke with somebody in the leasing office to confirm the amount I needed to bring for the rent who then told me I didn’t owe anything BECAUSE I WAS MOVING OUT ON THE DAY MY LEASE ENDED. June 1st comes around, I received an email saying I owed rent for June and I had since vacated the property. I spoke with the office again and was told I DID NOT OWE ANYTHING DISREGARD THAT EMAIL. July comes around, I now owe two months of rent as well as 2 late fees. At this point I still have not bothered to pay anything due to the fact that I was told to disregard those emails. Finally, during the weekend of July 10th I receive an email that shows something different. This email says that I owe 166.00 as well as a late fee for prorated rent. I called the following Monday and was told I owe this now because of my 60 day notice. Now the same man that told me this on JULY 12TH, is the SAME MAN who told me I didn’t owe anything on the day of move out. Basically I’m expected to eat this error because the man I spoke with was “misinformed” which is unreasonable in my opinion. Again want to stress that the property was never the issue, the leasing office was. Would never rent with these people again or recommend them to anybody.

    American Property Managers, LLC

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