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    Sienna Earl
    November 03, 2022

    My first time at this location. My pedicure was the best part of my services. And that was average at best. I got an SNS manicure with tips. My nail tech spent 20-25 minutes shaping my nails, and still didn’t give me the shape I asked for. Then after showing her a picture of the design I wanted and specifying I wanted a different color than what was in the picture she started painting my nails black like the picture. Then did the worst rendering of the design I asked for, I’ve gotten this design multiple times from other locations and it has never been done this badly. I came in with a bridal party for my friends wedding and I had to sit alone away from the rest of my group even though there were chairs available next to them. I don’t know if maybe my tech just wasn’t great (Amy) or if it’s just the location, because everyone else’s nails were okay, but mine were the worst. I will definitely stick to my usual salon and not be returning.

    S Gray-McMannen
    December 29, 2022

    I came in with my daughter to this University Modish Nail Spa in Charlotte NC to get a pedicure (daughter) and full set of acrylic nails for me. I waited a long time to be serviced. I finally got service from the tech that finished her last client like 30 minutes prior and was just in the "back." I asked her to file one nail slightly as it was not even. She went into theatrics and a sermon about how nails are shaped...instead of just fixing. I said it was fine...geesh. She kept trying to "explain" every 10 minutes and asking if I understood. I kept saying no but that it was FINE. She started talking loud (which sounds to most like yelling) and tried to pick an argument. I gave feedback to not talk so loud, as she disturbed others, was embarrassing and I just wanted my nails done. She argued that she was not loud and that she just had a loud voice. She was upset that I did not understand what she was saying in the nail sermon and got up a walked away refusing to do my 1/2 done nails. OMG. Rude, unprofessional, juvenile, and unnecessary . The manager tried to argue too...which I have seen him do before. Terrible service, terrible manager and at least this one nail tech was horrid. DO NOT GO HERE. Tons of others in the area. Check the real reviews here on this salon. We deserve better. God Bless.

    Esther Acosta
    December 11, 2022

    I have been a customer for many years. It was great in the past. I have visited University and Harrisburg locations. Lately service has declined it feels more like a factory. In two occasions I’ve left bleeding once on top of toe skin not even sure how tech did that and other on side of toenail after cleaning on a different day. These were different techs.

    Deborah Alves
    October 15, 2022

    I have been going to the university location for the last few years. I used to get SNS for at least 2 years. Recently I removed the SNS and decided to let my nails "rest" for a few months only wearing polish. As I was going out of the country on a trip, I decided to treat myself and get SNS again. I wanted the French but the girl who did it was busy; so I opted for a color. While the nail technician was very personable, she did a terrible job. My nails were already short (which is how I've always worn them) but she cut them even shorter. Then she applied several layers of SNS powder and filed them down poorly. In fact, in two of the nails on my right hand there is a dip in the middle of the nails. They are soooo ugly, that I paid to have them redone at another salon. I paid $45 plus a minimal tip ($5) because she was personable. The quality of the services has been steadily declining. I've been getting pedicures and while the polish always used to last for 2-3 weeks normally, lately it chips off within a week or the smaller toes are only partially polished. I don't know if they're using a cheaper quality polish as there's an obvious push to get gel pedicures. In any case, I have noticed the difference and it isn't good. At this point I've had at least 4 bad experiences at this establishment recently. Also, I have heard similar experiences from other friends who used to frequent this place of business who are now going elsewhere. While this used to be one of the better nail salons, I can no longer say that about them.

    L K
    January 11, 2023

    This is my third time visiting this location. I returned because I was trying to see if this is the salon i wanted. It has failed every time i go a nail breaks for repair. This third time i went in to get it repaired and the receptionist told me they only do repairs after 2 pm. There are 4 nail techs doing nothing but i have to wait until 2 pm to get my nail repaired. So i was leaving to go out of the country and i had errands to run. so i said ok. I will get a fill in. Remind you i had just gotten a fill in last week..I requested Kim she has been doing my nails. I told her i wanted Crome and she said $25.I told her not the entire hand. $ she told me $10. I just had gotten crome the first time i was there on two nails and it was $15.Aldo i told her i wanted to cut my nails down she said$5. I normally tip $10 but today i will it be tipping and also in the future when they do not have a steady price. Customer service is everything to me. So when they have attitudes, i refuse to tip them. i will continue to search for a good nail tech. My original nail tech sold her business and moved to Fl. i have not found a really good one yet. please let me know if anyone knows of a good mail tech with good service and fair prices. i am a tipper i believe in tipping for quality service and work.

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