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    Cristina Groves
    February 14, 2019

    I came here based off a recommendation. It's clean, their product selection is nice. Prices are decent. The employees were not very friendly however and the service I received was subpar to say the least. The shape of my nails was not right and the polish is spotty, my toenails were cut extremely too short and the tech that did them seemed like he didn't want to be there. Though the woman who did my nails was nice and chatty. The lighting in there is terrible so I didn't see any of the imperfections until I got home...

    Pamela Heyward
    February 28, 2018

    Each time I've made a visit to the salon there has been poor customer service. I asked for a specific polish and they tell you what polish is best, but it should be "what the customer wants". When I've asked for a design I was told " I don't do much designs only a little, you don't need". I will not return to this salon due to poor customer service and lack of skills. I highly encourage some customer service training in addition to continued educational classes for skill set. Never again....

    jasmine BLACK
    May 28, 2019

    If I could give them a zero and still do my review I would. Don't go to this salon if you even want to call it that. If you want to be treated like a person. I went in for a pedicure and it looked like something that my niece could of did. I dont recall the girl who did it but she young with a nose ring and a tattoo across her chest and long nails. Her attitude is HORRIBLE I asked her to clean the polish off my skin and after half a** doing it stated verbatim "I cleaned it enough" even though there was polish all around my toes on my skin. She then stated "if I clean it up anymore it will be gone" yes you're correct it will GONE off my SKIN!!! I had already paid and it wasn't like they weren't getting there money so a simple touch up isn't too much to ask for. Once I asked to speak with someone else who could better assist me I was told "everyone is busy and the manager is gone for the day". Instead of my toes being cleaned up 2 associates proceeded to try to have an arguement with me and say I don't see anything wrong with the service she gave. First off she was rude and snappy and instead of you all helping, you all decide to try to bring me out of character. This place doesn't care at all for any customer and there service is beyond unethical.

    Deion Pate
    April 11, 2019

    This is the absolute WORST NAIL SALON that I have ever been to in my entire life. I try to avoid going in here because a lot of them rush on you and do sub-par work due to not paying attention. I went in today for a full set that cost $30. The woman who took me was rushing me to pick a color. Then when I sit down, I tell her that I want short coffin. Short coffin IS POSSIBLE. This woman barely filed and buffed my nails. I had red gel polish when I came in, she did not even file all of the red off. I had to constantly correct her filing like can you please make it crisper...but you are supposed to be a certified nail technician?? When she started to polish, she did not polish the entire nail! Why does your customer have to ASK YOU TO PAINT THEIR ENTIRE NAIL. Ultimately what upset me the most is that she tried to argue with me and say that short coffin nails cannot be done. I can pull up 100 examples of short coffin on Pinterest, so I would have preferred if she said that SHE couldn't do it, not that it can't be done. I will never in my life go back to this salon. I work hard for my money, so to have someone so willing to take it but not put in effort to produce good work is despicable. My nails are uneven, some nails look coffin others look square. That woman RUSHED, constantly checking the door instead of paying attention to what she was supposed to be doing. Please DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY COMING HERE. I feel sorry because there is one girl I believe her name is Diamond and she does good work (she is an African American woman), but she was not there when I first came in. I hope that she can find another shop because this shop is bad vibes and bad service. Thank you for reading. I just do not want people to experience what I have today :(

    Kiera S.
    April 12, 2019

    I personally never write a lot of reviews unless necessary. I was excited due to the deal they showcased on their display. I quickly regretted it the lady kept confusing me with the pricing and tried to upgrade me and I'm so glad I didnt take her $5 upcharge the express pedicure was terrible she literally made the water placed my foot in it and put lotion on it then started painting my nails. The entire time I was furious I kept thinking $20 for this I could've done that at home. My bestfriend took the deal for $5 extra upgraded pedicure and got the same treatment as me except she had to pay $25 for her lotion and water. To make matters worse I got my nails done and the whole time I was so upset because money for services is nonrefundable. My nails were clumpy and I never in my life just wanted my service to be over with. I wanted my nails done for my gender reveal party for the next day. If it wasnt for that I wouldve went somewhere else I'm never going back to the water and lotion parlor the mall should get a better nail salon they are making Northlake look bad.

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