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    Elizabeth Mauney
    March 10, 2020

    Horrible money pit. I rented from 801 Brent rd. Marsiea was who I dealt with. Horrible, lied, rude, and incompetent. Acted like nothing was wrong. Was there for almost 4 years always paid rent no complaints from them about me. I had been in that house for a while. First issue I will bring up was pipes under the HOUSE burst and had a bill over 200 in a month. They told me must be a “leaky faucet” came and looked. I was gullible and left it alone assumed they fixed it. Next month the bill was over 230, if that. I have records. They claimed city of Raleigh was responsible. I called and researched. Pipes under the house are responsible of the homeowner not the city. I walked in the office crying and showing bills. Working two full time jobs and paying bills all on my own they claimed it was “out of their hands” I paid the bill but this was not the end of it. Jackie was the front desk receptionist. She was always very nice to me even seemed concerned. The last year I was there I was in the hospital over 4 times for kidney issues. I did relay this and it effected me working but they didn’t seem to care. I continued to still pay rent and utilities and live in this house. I at first enjoyed it. The new carpet they put in though shortly gapped out after a month or two. I’m sure I got charged for that. Old junk left under the porch I had to throw out. Thousands of beer cans in the back yard out in the ground or buried everywhere I cleaned up. Never complained about that. I did mention and call about the attic being gapped and windows not being insulated correctly. I mainly did this due to the fact that I had a heat bill 400 to at most 500 a month in the months of November to February and also summer months June to July the heat and ac seemed to Constantly run. I would wake up at night realizing it was still running. Tried to cut it low for heat and high for the summer. Or cut it off completely all the time. Winters finally bought a space heater and left heat off most of the last winter I was there. Due to my dog I did leave it on when I was working two full time jobs (to afford this outrageous house) . Utilities bills still in the 400s. After complaining and showing bills numerous years/ months of being high from duke energy and water they never addressed the problem. Never fixed the windows or attic gaps either. I once realized a pane had randomly fallen out of my bedroom window. I fixed it myself since I knew their incompetence with the office and follow ups was a regular. The maintenance man was so nice though when he would come out. Always did try but seemed overloaded with other houses. I did ask him right before I left if he rented from them because he had hinted. He said yes and even told me had same issues with heat bills and was taking care of his family but clearly being taken advantage of to with this company. Him and Jackie tried hard but clearly need to not work in this establishment. I know this is a long post but people need to clearly know the issues. I can go on about other issues. Not to mentioned got robbed in this house, made a police report but saw no point in telling the landlord. Because what would they do if they can’t even fix the pipes under the house. I broke my lease finally in December after over almost 700 in just utilities and 1100 in rent for myself. Very upset to find out that after ten days of me moving out/ taking all my stuff and fixing up what I could. Within 10 days they put up new porch, new showers, painted walls, new carpet, new locks in windows, cleaned up yard and painted doors as well. Yet couldn’t fix my pipes for two month? They now are claiming after I left that I still owe rent for each month that I’m not there when it’s not rented out. I contacted a real estate lawyer who claimed they can’t legally do that. However got a bill in the mail from them. These are just the few issues I had With them. Strongly advise to stay clear!

    Mark Glass
    December 30, 2017

    We rent a house from Quail properties and overall the experience has been very good. There has only been one incident where I called and they did not respond. There have been several incidents I've called about and they responded immediately. The incident they did not respond to was early in the spring when I requested they come and remove leaves from the roof. They said they would as soon as they could but they had several calls to fix broken air conditioners. It was getting warm outside. I recently made the same request and they responded within 2 or 3 days. We have called about broken screens, broken toilets, bad lights etc. Quail has always responded immediately and the staff we have interacted with have been very friendly and helpful. We are former home owners. I understand the need for property managers to keep costs down for property owners and yet provide decent service to tenants. Quail does a great job.

    Catie Puckett
    February 19, 2021

    There is a general lack of authority and professionalism at this rental office (Quail Properties.) Extremely poor communication within their maintenance department—we often had two maintenance techs show up at different times for the same issue.. not knowing what the other did or that they’d even been there. More recently, they called a pest control company because our house is infested with mice (thank you for doing that), and we requested that no poison be set out because we have dogs. The pest control showed up unannounced and set out poison. My dog got into the bait and when I told the rental company of this miscommunication error, they said it was my fault and I should’ve call the pest control company. They simply do not care and will push back if you have any complaints (which I’ve had many and have never mentioned to them because hey—we are human and they have a lot to deal with). They are rude and get defensive if you call them and I would not recommend dealing with Quail Properties in any capacity.

    Carson Hagan
    December 17, 2015

    We thought this would be a high quality experience as the initial contact with a realtor was excited to help us rent (go figure). After the we signed the dotted line it has been nothing but problems. Our original realtor hasn't contacted us in any capacity (I guess that’s not part of her job to deal with her client satisfaction). The maintenance department is a joke. They want to do as little as possible - and skimp on everything. We have put in multiple requests for repairs and response has been dismal, or required 3 follow ups to actually get anything done. We requested to schedule repairs when we would be in the house, "Absolutely no problem".... that was a lie. Contractors tracking mud into the residence and general lack of care for OUR items as opposed to the "valuable" real estate properties. We have had personal property destroyed or damaged because of the lack of repairs. Overall - I would not recommend this company. They are a hands off company that looks to do the minimal amount of effort to help their renters. DO NOT USE

    Shannon Hagan
    January 31, 2017

    They dont even deserve one star- HORRIBLE HORRIBLE COMPANY, STAFF AND OVERALL BUSINESS. Never rent from them. You are not a priority you are just a rent check; once they get you, then will not be any assistance and do a 180 with customer service. We had one more month on our lease and they came to "start the turnover process" over a week before we had to be out. Personal belongings were missing and they stated "items were not removed from the property" which is a lie. There was never an issue of theft in the neighborhood for 2 years and now that strangers are working on our house when we arent there, inside painting when we arent there, and starting renovations when we arent there, items seem to go missing. We had two water leaks and they fixed the first one but never came to complete the work on the second one so we had a large hole in our ceiling for a couple of months. Worst rental company ever! I am so thankful to no longer be renting form there and warn everyone to not fall for their trap.

    Quail Properties, Inc.

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