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    Katelyn Moore
    September 18, 2018

    My roommate and I have not had a working, as in usable and safe, oven for about a month now. My roommate completed a work order on August 1, 2018 for the oven to be fixed. We had not heard anything from the management company, and gave them a call about a week later. On August 12, 2018, the work crew came to try to fix the oven. He told me that the screws were stripped and that a new oven needed to be ordered. He attempted to put the handle back, but it was not until my roommate tried the oven door the next day and it all fell a part, that we discovered he attempted to "TAPE" the oven door back together. I have attached before and after photos of when the work crew tried to fix the door. The property management ordered a new oven that following Monday and originally scheduled delivery for that Friday--which neither my roommate and I could do because we work Monday through Friday. When I told her that we would not be home, instead of arranging for the work crew to be there for installation, the delivery was rescheduled for 8/25/18. From the time this happened at the end of July until then, that will be an entire month without a PROPERLY, SAFE working oven. When I talked with the property manager today, she said that it was reported to her that the oven was usable. I asked if she would like so see pictures I had taken, she declined. The oven is also unsafe because of the way that the metal was sticking out. I sent an email on 8/18/18 as follows: "I just read through the lease, and the duplex not having a working oven falls under the landlord's obligations because it is an unfixed appliance as well as a safety issue because of the metal attachments sticking out with the way it's broken. As a matter of fact I accidentally scratched my arm reaching for something in the drawer next to it. This will be one month that we don't have a working oven. We need credit towards rent with this month prorated. " I was informed today, that we will not be receiving any credit on the lease via email. I called the property manager to inquire about why do we have to suffer because someone, per their account, lied to the work crew about our oven being fixed on 8/03/18. She again refused to give a credit and then offered $50 towards the end of the phone conversation for September. I sill don't understand how this is not in violation of the lease. This is also a safety issue if property management is telling me the oven is safe to use when it is in fact not. I have attached photos to this email, and the date they were taken is in the beginning of the file name in order of year, month, and date as that is how my phone as most mobile devices saves pictures. Additionally, the date the photo is taken is stored in the data file detail. The last photo is a detail of the tape that was used, since it can't be seen in the photo taken on 8/12/2018. Also, I have rented at a lot of places, and this is the worst customer service I have ever received through a management company. There have been numerous other work orders we have had that were not resolved and we had to call multiple times to get a response and someone sent to fix something. We have also spoken with our neighbors who also pay rent to RPM, and they have told my roommate and I that a work crew rarely comes to fix anything. When I told the property manager this information, she said no one has filed a complaint, so I am filing one now. This house is clearly pretty old, so the management team should know that there will be a high need for maintenance. The owners of Raleigh Property Management, LLC and the owner of this duplex should know that the handling of management is poor. There is PLENTY room for improvement, and I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

    Michelle Bridges
    March 11, 2019

    My family and I have rented from Raleigh Property Management, for the past 5 years, in a 2 bedroom townhouse in West Raleigh. Since day one, this company has been attentive to our needs. When something went wrong, such as broken garbage disposal, door/window caulking, painting, carpet, appliances, etc., the maintenance crew was very responsive and professional. I was very impressed when our fireplace needed to be closed-off, due to chimney issues too. The maintenance crew was there the very next day to address the issue. I felt that they were concerned for our safety, as well as the safety of other tenants. I truly miss the fireplace, but just knowing that this Company had our best interest at heart, meant the most. Also, this Company has worked with me when I ran a little behind on my rent payment. Things happen in life, but they are very compassionate and understanding. If you're looking for a great place to live and a great Rental Team, I highly recommend Raleigh Property Management. They truly have your BEST interest in mind. I love this Company, wish there were more like them.

    Julie Rougeux
    September 12, 2021

    Raleigh Property Management and its owner Diane Murdock are only interested in self-preservation at the expense of the tenants. After 3 MONTHS of putting in multiple service requests for the replacement of an expired hardwired smoke and carbon monoxide detector I ended up replacing the unit myself and I decided to terminate my lease early. She charged me $2400 to have a 2500 sq ft home completely repainted (apparently by Picasso himself for that price) after blaming me for mismatched touch up work that was done prior to me taking possession of the property. She knew this was the case, as she actually mentioned it in our walk through, but she was unwavering in her blatant lies about it 12 months later. (The paint was done by the owner of the property, who was all too willing to have his property repainted on my dime even though he also, obviously, knew that she was lying). This was after going above and beyond to leave the property in far better condition than what it was received in, including: professional cleaning of the home, professional carpet cleaning, power washing of the exterior patio, and new mulch in the beds. I can only assume this was done in retaliation for my early termination of the lease. A decision that was only made because of HER failure to make sure the property was safe and that repairs were done per the signed lease agreement (which stated they would be addressed within 15 days of the submission of a work order). I have never had a professional interaction with an individual with such an unapologetic deficit of character. Due to her lack of integrity as a human being and as a business person I would caution tenants to avoid any properties managed by her.

    Lamar Dade
    December 11, 2020

    I've been renting with Raleigh Prop. Mgmt. now for almost 4 years and so far it's been a good four years. Diane stays very low key (out of my way) and I try to do the same as we are both busy people. When I submit service requests, she's on it as quickly as possible. Slow downs can take place with maintenance personnel but of course they have other jobs to work as well. In summary, Diane and the owner of the building that I live in have been very accommodating (more than any other landlord I've dealt with) and have provided affordable living options throughout the triangle. I've been looking for other avenues of housing and Diane and team have been very patient with me and my pickiness. I am looking forward to continuing working with Diane and the owner of the property that I am residing in.

    Arionna Stanley
    March 06, 2020

    As a previous tenant I can attest to the professional services Diane and Raleigh Property management provided. Always a prompt response to any inquiry and they always followed up with repairs. I’m not the perfect tenant but I adhered to all of the rules and our community was safe and comfortable due to the amazing services provided by Diane and her team.

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