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    Dani Fox
    April 18, 2022

    I’ve never written a google review no matter how negative my experiences were at a place. But my experience at this place was extremely negative and I would give zero stars if that is an option. I really hesitated on writing a negative review but for a $90 manicure, the quality of service is awful and they are very passive aggressive with adding on services. How can you justify a $90 manicure to be chipping off and a nail actually came off after only 10 days. The technician recommended vital gel which was $55, and as we proceeded with the procedure, there was no actual cleaning or maintenance of my nails or cuticles included. I was a little shocked that the technician didn’t do any maintenance services since all of the other places I’ve been will clean your nails and do a little maintenance before they start the fake nails. The technician just straight up glued fake nails on, then the technician charged me $10 extra for cuticle service, then $25 extra for nail polish and for a single skinny white line for “French nail” that the technician did freehand in 1 minute without any instruments or measurements, as shown in pictures, these are NOT what would be expected to be french, but I was charged $10-15 extra for these skinny white lines as french nails on top of being charged for polish. At the time I just thought I’ll just let it go, just take this as a learning experience and never go back to this place. But more and more people have commented on how horrible my nails are for how much I was charged for, they look very uneven and started to chip off 3 days later. Now 10 days later, one of my nail already came off. I paid $90 for this set of awful manicure and it is completely a scam. The margins of my nails are VERY UNEVEN as shown in pictures, the polish doesn’t even completely cover the vital gel material on some of my nails. During my appointment, another lady left very angry because she was very displeased with their service. I would not recommend this place to anyone. I don’t mind paying $90 if the quality matched the price. But this is truly awful.

    Emily Bird
    November 21, 2022

    I honestly have to make a review because at first I thought it was a coincidence but time after time my nails have sucked. First time I went — i got sns with tip and they all bubbled up and popped off, I came back 2 days later to fix 2 nails and they couldn’t match the color so I had 2 different color nails (this is fine i understand you cant find a match) the lady told me sns with tip can bubble so she doesnt recommend it but ive done it for 2 years now at different salons and it has never happened Second time i went — when i had to fix the 2 nails that popped off I waited over an hour to fix 2 nails after I was told a 30 minute wait. Third time i went — i did a deluxe pedicure with gel polish, the actual pedicure itself was great! But the polish started chipping 3 days later!!!! I paid $20 extra for this and feel like it was a waste of money. Fourth time I went — i did just sns on my regular nail no tip… and within a week it is chipping.. I’m not sure if I’ll return solely because of the quality issue, everyone is super nice but at the end of the day its not great quality or maybe the way its done!

    Miss Nita
    July 06, 2022

    I paid $63 for nothing. It didn’t even look like my design. I feel like I could of did this myself…waste of time and money especially when I don’t even like getting my nails done. I was better off going to the one in walmart. I’m not being rude I’m being real. This is exactly how it was done… if he didn’t know how to do it he could of simply said something. I’m not a rude person at all but I feel like I need a refund for this mess. I rather not wear nails.

    Carline Toney
    July 28, 2022

    Oh my gosh, what a day. A memorial day I will never forget. Today is the first day I walked to the Sky Nail Spa. The place is beautiful and welcoming. Now, when you walk there you have your spa treatments with no disturbance. The treatment was amazing. Everything is done with care. Angel was the person who did me. Oh my gosh, she is the best. I want to explain to you how good she was, not have enough words. Go and see for yourself. I guarantee happiness with gladness. I cannot wait to come back to Sky Nail Bar. Thank you Staff for having this place for a busy working mom. All mothers need this to come alive. I'm alive today. Thank you, 😇 Ms. Angel. See you soon. What an amazing staff. They all want to make sure that you walk through the door happy. I have not seen this anywhere I went to do my nails. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Queen G
    September 08, 2021

    I didn't want to give this review. I called and went to the salon to give them a chance to correct the error before I said anything. During my visit on Thursday, the technician Rita had a gruff disposition. Even though I was there to get pampered, I found myself trying lighten her mood. I figured it was just her temperament or a bad day. I went there for a pedicure and full nail set. After my nail set, I knew I did want to prolong this experience and canceled the pedicure. I paid upfront and tipped well. By Tuesday, my nails were lifting and I noticed the surface was lumpy and uneven. I wanted to give Rita a chance to correct my nails and made an appointment for Wednesday. I was met with the same bad attitude and negativity. Ultimately, I left because I didn't want to argue about service quality. It is probably their standard and that's ok, but I won't go again. The attitude was worse than the nail job. Never again!!!


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