बड़े स्तर पर छंटनी, क्या आएगी मंदी?

News Of Retrenchment The News Of Retrenchment Is Coming From Many Big Companies. Many Have Announced In This Regard And Retrenchment Has Already Started In Many.

Big News The First Big News Of Layoffs Came When Elon Musk Bought Twitter. After This People Were Refused To Come To The Office. Where To Check Mail.

Twitter Twitter'S Offices Around The World Were Laid Off In A Big Way. India'S Twitter Office Is Also Included In This.

Since Then, Many Big Companies Have Announced Layoffs One After The Other. There Has Been A Massive Layoff In The Meta. For This, Mark Zuckerberg Also Apologized To The People. Meta

The Company Has Announced Layoffs In Amazon. The Process Can Be Started After The Business Review.

Snap Snap Had Already Announced Layoffs Of 20 Percent Of Its Workforce.

Uncertainty There Is Currently A Period Of Uncertainty Due To Large Scale Layoffs In Tech Companies And Hiring Freeze In Many Places.